XX2i Optics USA1


XX2i Optics USA1

Do you need a gift for your athlete? Look no further than the USA1 sunglasses from XX2i Optics

The USA1 are relatively affordable, full frame, sports inspired, sunglasses that do not skip on the high quality. Good eye wear is essential when playing sports in order to protect your eyes from UV and from anything that might be heading toward your face. According to my contact at XX2i, “XX2i Optics polycarbonate lenses block 100% of both UVA & UVB, including the 400nm wavelength.” The shape of the lense will give you a large field of view and good protection



The USA1 was nicely packaged in what XX2i calls a “JR Tank Case”. This case looks like it will do it’s job to protect the glasses in your gear bag or even if you happen to leave them on your car roof. The USA1 glasses are held safely behind a heavy duty zipper on the hard case that is graced with a gray woven fabric feeling material. The foam and micro fiber material inside will keep the lenses clean and safe from the elements.


USA1 in Crystal with Green Flash lenses and tips

The USA1 is a full rim sport style sunglass with adjustable temples and nose pads like other XX2i glasses. The interchangeable lenses are able to be made in prescription, so if you are not keen on contacts these will work for you. The lenses are different than the France2 or other lenses for other XX2i frame. The USA1 comes in several configurations, from a single sunglass to a sport reader. It also comes with multiple lenses to suit the activity’s vision needs.

The adjustable temple tips, and nose pad allow the USA1 to fit almost any face. The tips and nose pad are the same that I reviewed in the France2, so if you are looking to change your look from another XX2i, just swap out the nose bridge. Once I had the temple tips and nose bridge adjusted they always felt safe and secure and stayed fog free.


The USA1 fits well
Snug fit for the USA1

The temple tips help to create a secure and comfortable fit so they stay put whether you are playing beach volleyball, trail running, or mountain biking. The snug fit around the ears proved to hold the glasses to my face. Even after shaking my head hard the USA1 had not budged an inch. The adjustable nose bridge brings the lenses closer or further from your face. This nose bridge is what appears to be the standard XX2i hardware. If you want to update your look you can move your perfectly formed nose bridge to the new set of glasses. The width of the USA1 is perfect for my average sized head. The USA1 is fairly light weight, they are not going to feel heavy on your head after a hard game. My only complaint is that the nosepiece is a little uncomfortable until it is perfectly adjusted.


Changing the lenses was simple and straightforward. The lens is pinched between the upper and lower rim, so all you have to do is work the lens out. You’re not going to be changing lenses mid race but they are easy to do during a pre-event.


All the lenses were crystal clear with no distortion, even around the edges. The green flash lens had a color shift where the mirroring color changed on the front side, but that is to be expected. All the lenses were clear and distortion free. None of the lenses had any fading, micro-crazing, or bubbles and blisters between the layers.

Benefits of XX2i:

XX2i has set themselves apart from the rest with their extensive warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. The return policy is an incredible 365 days (a full year), to determine if the glasses will work for you.

The USA1 by XX2i is a great fit that I would highly recommend!