XX2i Optics France2


XX2i Optics France2

The France2 sports inspired sunglasses are relatively affordable considering their high quality. Having a good set of sunglasses is essential to keeping your eyes healthy. These sunglasses will protect your eyes from bugs, dirt or debris that might otherwise hit your eyes, allowing you to continue to see what matters most to you. When asked about the UV of the lenses, my XX2i contact told me that ” XX2i Optics polycarbonate lenses block 100% of both UVA & UVB, including the 400nm wavelength.”


The France2 was nicely packaged in what XX2i calls a “Tank Protector Case”. Think of it as a hard shell to protect your investment more than a soft case will. The Tank Protector Case seems to be able to protect your sunglasses if it were to fall off the roof of your car, or be stuffed into your gear bag. A gray woven fabric looking material graces the outside of the cover keeping the lenses and frames safe inside by a heavy duty zipper. Inside the foam interior, safely nestles the France2 and keeps each lens away from the others.


Demi Tortoise with brown lenses

The France2 is a half rim sport style sunglasses with adjustable temples and nose pads. The interchangeable lenses are able to be made in prescription so if you are not keen on contacts these will work for you. The France2 comes in several configurations, from single sunglasses to a sport reader. The France2 can even be ordered with multiple lenses to suit the vision needs of the activity. The lenses that are designed for the France2 are not interchangeable with other XX2i products like the USA1.

The adjustable temple tips and nose pad appear to be the same as the ones on the USA1. If you want to upgrade, you can bring your perfectly tuned nose bridge with you. The temple tips help to create a secure and comfortable fit so they stay put whether you are running, cycling or golfing. The adjustable nose bridge brings the lenses closer to or further from your face. Once I got them perfectly adjusted they always felt safe and secure while staying fog free.


Black Gloss with Blue Flash Polar Gray

The adjustable temple tips, and nose pad allow the France2 to fit almost any face. Both my wife and I felt they were a comfortable fit. The snug fit around the ears proved to hold the glasses to my face. Even after shaking my head hard, the France2 had not budged an inch. The nose bridge is what appears to be the standard XX2i hardware that you can form to fit your nose. The width of the France2 is perfect for my average sized head. The France2 is fairly light weight too. They did not feel heavy on my head, and I don’t think they would after a long race either. My only complaint is the nose piece is a little uncomfortable. Other more comfortable glasses that I have tested use silicone rubber “fingers”. However, these give up the adjust-ability and being able to be changed out.


Changing the lenses was simple and straightforward. Hold the glasses at the nose bridge, and then pull back and up on the earpiece where it contacts the lens. Be careful the lens may pop out quickly.


All lenses I received were clear with no distortion, even around the edges. The polarized lens worked really well at reducing the glare from oncoming cars. None of the lenses I received had any fading, micro-crazing, and there were no bubbles or blisters between the layers.

Benefits of XX2i:

XX2i has set themselves apart from the competition with their warranty. They offer a Lifetime warranty with No questions asked. The return policy is an incredible 365 days, a full year, to determine if the glasses will work or not. XX2i.com is an athlete focused company.

The France2 by XX2i is a great fit and I would highly recommend them!