Tdrones SmartX

Tdrones SmartX Type A

Part 3 Quadcopters: Tdrones SmartX

Part 3 of my series on hobby quadcopters is focusing on another important piece of the quadcopter the frame. My current favorite frame is the Tdrones SmartX they are designed and built by one of the top hobby motor manufactures T-motor.

T-Drones Smart X Type A and B
Tdrones Smart X Type A and B

In the last few weeks I have been talking with the fine people from Mongran Perspective. You can find them at They have also given my readers a small discount on every order use code E530INReview. Mongran Perspective are professionals when it comes to multi rotor design. For those starting off they carry the T-Drone line of multi rotors these are small and light and relatively low cost for entry into the world of drones.

Overall I am very pleased with the Tdrones SmartX frame, even though it doesn’t use carbon fiber it it still very rigid without adding much weight. The arms are a very sturdy plastic with embedded lugs for the screws.  A lot of cheaper kits do not add these lugs but this will ultimately make the Tdrones SmartX much stronger than a lot of other drones.

One thing that did not come with the kit was a small allen wrench (3 mm) I would have thought that one would be included but it was not. I also suggest using a little blue locktite this will keep all of the screws tight. In hurrying to get my quad up and flying I didn’t put any blue locktite on the top of the frame and this evening while writing this post I decided to see if they were still in tight. Every single screw was loose. I had only flown for about a min so please please use locktite

T-Drones Smart X Type A
Tdrones SmartX Type A

While you are ordering the frame you should also think about the propulsion system. When you buy the whole system you get a better deal. For about what you will pay for the low end motors and ESC’s separately you can get a top of the line T-Motor system.

The T-Motor system is high quality the windings look like they are all equally spaced and cleanly wrapped. The bearings are all tight and the motors are all balanced. The propellers are very brittle though. I suggest getting a couple extra sets of cheap props and prop nuts (M5 CW and CCW) to learn on. Then put on the more efficient T-Motor props and see what it can do!

T-Motor Air 2205 2000kv
T-Motor Air 2205 2000kv

Overall I think getting the entire package is the way to go.  The cost will be slightly more than just getting the cheapest possible product but you will have a better quadcopter that will run better and longer ultimately giving you more air time and less repair time.

Remember to check out and use the promo code E530INReview to get a small discount. Check out my review video for more in depth look at the quad.