2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: So like most people around this time of year you are probably wondering what to get? Well, I have some great ideas for you. This is my ever growing list of items that I consider the best of the best! For the Handyman: Kraig tools and jigs: Kraig makes a series of actually useful tools and jigs that make everyday projects that much simpler. First is the…

Choetech Quick Charger Car

Choetech Quick Charger

Choetech Quick Charger: The car charger quick charger brings multiple charge ports to a and Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0 to your car.  This is yet another way to save some money over an OEM charger. Most everyone commutes to work on a daily basis, and those of us that commute by car have a commute longer than 2o min. This is where the Choetech Quick Charger comes in very handy….

Serta Heated Mattress Pad

Serta Heated Mattress Pad

Serta Heated Mattress Pad: Does the cold winter months get you jumping into cold sheets at bedtime? A Serta Heated Mattress pad may be all you need to sleep warmer and save money all night long. The Serta Heated Mattress Pad is similar to a heated blanket except that it is designed to be used as a mattress pad between you and your mattress. This helps to put more heat…

Soft Heat Electric Blanket

Soft Heat Electric Blanket: It’s wintertime and getting colder so what do most people do? Turn up the thermostat! Lets try and save some money here this winter. An electric blanket, such as this one from Soft Heat is a great option. Not only it will warm you but you’ll also save the costs of warming the air in the other room. A Win Win in my book! Overview: The…