Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger

Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger,

The Aduro Power Up smart charger is a great home appliance for the family with many devices that need to be charged at the same time. Design: The Design of the Aduro Power Up smart charger is really nice. All of the ports are located across the front in a tower configuration. There is a vent on the top so you don’t want to block that from getting too hot….

Seagate Wireless Mobile HDD

Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive

Seagate Wireless Mobile HDD: The Seagate Wireless Mobile HDD is a great piece of tech to keep with you when you travel for storage of your memories. The case for the drive is about a five inch square with a single button, three leds for status and a single usb port for charging and data transfer. Overview: The Seagate Wireless Mobile HDD is a 500Gb external drive with built in WiFi and…

Digital Data Disaster Plan – Go Mobile

Digital Data Disaster Plan

Digital Data Disaster Plan: In this day and age we are more mobile than ever before. No longer are we tied to our desktops. We have Cell Phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks to allow us to take photos, edit them, and share them. But what happens when we lose our cell phone or our laptop is stolen. Oftentimes our once in a lifetime photos are lost as well. Have A…

Choetech Quick Charger Car

Choetech Quick Charger

Choetech Quick Charger: The car charger quick charger brings multiple charge ports to a and Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0 to your car.  This is yet another way to save some money over an OEM charger. Most everyone commutes to work on a daily basis, and those of us that commute by car have a commute longer than 2o min. This is where the Choetech Quick Charger comes in very handy….

CHOETECH Quick Charge Wall Charger

Choetech Quick Charge Wall

CHOETECH Quick Charge 2.0 Wall Charger This Choetech wall charger is a great alternative to spending a lot of money on the OEM Turbo Charger. The Choetech wall charger conforoms to the Qualicom quick charge 2.0 specifications so if your phone or digital device has the ability to quick charge this adaptor will intelligently control the voltage and current to your device. On my Moto X 2014 I was able…

Moto X 2014

Moto X Front

Moto X 2014 2 months in: So I have had my Moto X 2014 for about 2 months now. What can I say about this phone that hasn’t been said by other reviewers? Probably nothing except my own experience. And so far I love this phone! it ROCKS! My Experience: I am on Verizon and my Moto X was quickly updated to Android 5.0. My Moto X is my daily companion…

Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi TechSkin

Overview Skinomi TechSkin: The Skinomi TechSkin is a wet apply protective film. It is available in Clear or in any number of colors shapes and patterns. Do you really want a carbon fiber look? Then the the Skinomi TechSkin is for you. Form: The Skinomi TechSkin that I tested included the full body protector for the Moto X (2014) Each panel was precision cut to cover the entire phone. The rounded…

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Overview Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case: The Bugdroid Circuit case by Cruzerlite is one of my new favorite cases for my Moto X 2014. Simplicity and protection in a multitude of colors. Design: The Bugdroid Circuit case is made entirely from a soft TPU that is designed to cushion a fall if you ever drop your phone. The cutout on the top for the headphone jack is aligned perfectly. The back has…

Poetic – Affinity Case for MotoX2014

Poetic Affinity Case

Overview Poetic Affinity: The Poetic Affinity case for the Moto X 2014 2nd gen is a hybrid full frame case. Poetic has molded soft TPU and hard plastic together to make a strong shell that’s semi transparent and beautifully functional. The one main difference between this case and others I have tested so far is that it does not come with a screen protector. Design: Being a full frame case…