RadioLink AT9

The RadioLink AT9

One of the most important parts about any Remote controlled system is the remote control system. If you are interested to know more about the difference between quadcopters and drones please check out this page.

Lets first look at the radio. What I recommend is the RadioLink AT9. I recommend this one mainly because of the ability to grow with the hobby and some of the features specific to multi rotors. RadioLink has many other cheaper options but I think this gives you the best value for the price. There are other ways to go spending $300 on a ready to fly toy drone, if you ever want to go bigger with the hobby you will need to make all new decisions.

Radiolink AT9
Radiolink 2.4G AT9 R9D 9CH Radio Control System Best bang for your money!

The RadioLink AT9 is the best bang for your dollar. For nearly the price of a 6 channel radio the AT9 will send 10 channels of data, and has telemetry downlink, and a full color display. It is available here on Amazon

The AT9 being a hobby class radio has a nice solid feel, with plenty of knobs, sliders and switches, it can really feel overwhelming just starting out but don’t worry you won’t need to use them all right now but you will have the options to use them in the future.

The body and most of the AT9 is made out of plastic, but it still feels very solid. Internally the switches are all solid and good quality. The throttle, yaw, and pitch controls all move smoothly allowing for precision control.

The RadioLink AT9
The RadioLink AT9

Depending on the package you order you can get the R6D or the R9D or both. I personally got both that way I could set up 2 different models. The first model I am working on is a T-Drones Smart X type B my second I hope to be a smaller RotorX 122 Atom.

Overall I have been learning a lot about hobby quadcopters and I am looking forward to sharing with you everything I have learned over the next few posts.

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