Poetic Borderline for iPhone

iPhone 6 Poetic Borderline Bumper Case

Overview Poetic Borderline:

The iPhone 6 version of this case is a nice sleek bumper style case. It is a hybrid bumper so it has both hard plastic and soft TPU material. The buttons are protected with the soft TPU and the ring/silent switch is exposed through a cutout in the bumper.

The iPhone 5c version has a lot of the same queues as the iPhone 6 version with the addition of finger grips on either side.

A bumper case protects the most vulnerable points on a cellphone being the sides, and the edge of the glass. The Borderline by Poetic goes a step further and adds a little lip around the top and bottom to keep the front or back from getting scratched.

iPhone 6 Poetic Borderline Bumper Case
iPhone 6 Borderline
iPhone 5c Poetic Borderline Bumper Case
iPhone 5c Poetic Borderline



Being a bumper style case the Borderline by Poetic provides the minimum protection I would recommend for any cellphone. The added anti slip protection for the iPhone 6 variety is very handy. The case is moulded TPU and hard plastic. I haven’t owned it long enough to know if there will be a chance of the TPU separating from the hard plastic. The buttons are easy to activate, however, the ring/silent switch was hard to get to. I had to use my fingernail to get to the switch. This is a trade off from the protection the case can provide. Personally for me it wasn’t to much of an issue once I got used to using it.

Poetic Borderline on iPhone 6
Poetic Borderline on iPhone 6

On the iPhone 5c the Borderline is the same style of hard plastic TPU combination that will help protect the phone and provide anti slip protection. With the extra thickness of the 5c Poetic was able to add finger grips on either side of the case for enhanced grip. The cutout for the ring/silent switch was able to be made much larger and in turn makes accessing the switch all that much easier.

iPhone 5c Borderline bumper
iPhone 5c Borderline bumper

On both case the cutouts were perfectly placed and the alignment was perfect. The openings on the iPhone 6 were all slightly smaller than on the iPhone 5c version. Some cables requiring larger openings may need to have the case removed in order to allow the cables to connect.

Perceived protection:

I feel that the protection level afforded by the borderline cases are adequate for what a bumper case should provide. It is always a good idea to have multiple cases to adjust as the days events dictate.


I feel that either of these cases would make a valuable addition to any iPhone user. At the time of writing I feel that both cases are very affordable.


Technical Details:

  • Built-in volume and power control buttons
  • Access to all ports, camera, speaker, and mic
  • Constructed from durable thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate
  • Bumper design protects the integral impact points on the device
  • Raised lip for screen protection from surface scratches
  • Razor-thin profile adds protection with little bulk
  • Designed for the Apple iPhone