healthPostures TaskMate Go

HealthPostures Taskmate Go Dual Standing

HealthPostures TaskMate Go

The HealthPostures TaskMate Go is one of the top sit stand desks. If a dual monitor workstation is not from you check out some of HealthPostures other products. Working frequently from my home office I found that I was constantly putting off doing things because I would have to stand up to go do them. As a result my desk got rather cluttered. After setting up and using the healthPostures TaskMate Go I have found myself putting things away, where they belong, instead of a pile on my desk.

HealthPostures Taskmate Go Dual Monitor
HealthPostures Taskmate Go Dual Monitor


The healthPostures TaskMate Go is very easy to setup. It comes almost fully assembled, all you need to do is pull out the desk clamps and clamp it to your desk. The monitor cross bar is as simple as picking a good height and placing it on the center beam. The vesa mount was easy to use, and allowed the monitors to be installed and then put onto the crossbar. Once the monitors are on the crossbar loosening the nob in the back makes it very easy to adjust the side to side location.


Using the healthPostures TaskMate Go is very simple compared to other sit stand desks. There is one lever that you need to press to set the height. Other than the height adjust lever there really isn’t much to do, you can adjust the mouse tray and when you are done with the keyboard stand you can fold the keyboard tray up and out of the way.

HealthPostures Taskmate Go Dual Standing
HealthPostures Taskmate Go Dual Standing

One thing that I would like to see is a cable management system to keep the cables lined up nicely along the back of the stand. I also found the keyboard tray to be a little on the small side, using a standard sized square keyboard it would fit without any issue but when I used my ergonomic keyboard I found that the tray was a little small.

The stability of the healthPostures TaskMate Go was pretty good, typing I didn’t notice the monitors move to much. This actually had the lowest amount of wobble of any sit stand desks that I have used. The little bit of motion was not a big concern unless I was typing very hard.


  • Simple set up.
  • One handed height adjustment.
  • Great for tall people.


  • There is no cord management system.
  • Not as stable as sitting on a desk.


Over all I like the healthPostures TaskMate Go the simple setup and compact design made it a winner in my book. Even though the work surfaces were a little on the smaller side I found that it was adequate. The price is right on target compared to others in the same class of sit stand desks. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.