Guzzler hand pump

The Guzzler Hand Pump by the Bosworth Company is an great little pump to keep around for both Preppers and those who are moving off the grid.


The Guzzler is specked to work with a lift of 12 feet without a check valve but with the right combination of valves and handles it was able to work in my situation where I have a lift of over 20 feet. This summer I found a need for the guzzler as a priming pump for a yard watering system. In my setup I have a single 1 inch line running to a shallow “dry” well meaning there is no access to any of the components below the ground. The lift required in my situation is about 20+ feet with about 30 feet of linear distance.


One of the unique and distinctive features about the Bosworth company and the Guzzler pump is that you can customize your pump for your needs. In my situation I knew I was going to have an extra high lift so I opted to get the extended handle, and stainless steel clevis and button. This option also included an aluminum stroke guide bracket. As for valve I went with an umbrella valve to get the most efficient operation.

Some of the other options include a completely FDA approved system for transferring food grade liquids. There are different valve styles that will allow for transferring liquids that are have suspended solids in it. Inlet and outlet ports can be separately configured from a range of available types and end sizes. Available flange types for many pumps include smooth, barbed, tapped inside, threaded outside and male garden hose.

Overall with the ability to customize your pump to your needs, and obviously it is able to lift a lot further than it’s 12 ft lift rating I say that the guzzler is a great value! What will you use your pump for? Here is my video review.