Being the father of 3 small children I have often found my sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses crushed under a pillow or stuffed animal. Recently I found my glasses broken beyond repair and I don’t have any insurance to offset the cost of a new pair. So I was in need of a set of cheap glasses. As I started scouring the web found me and asked me to write an article based off of the glasses I ordered.

I was able to select from many different styles and shapes and sizes. The hingeless style that I had originally was from the eye doctor and cost over $300 after the insurance discount. I really like the hingless style and was hoping to find something similar with Thankfully they had a similar style but they only cost under $40 With Lenses!

When I received my glasses there were obvious differences,  the lenses are a little thicker and heavier the frames are also heavier gauge metal. After wearing them for a week these differences are only noticeable to me. Not counting my wife and 1 son who saw me pull the new glasses out and put them on on 1 coworker has noticed. My rest of my family hasn’t even noticed. The differences between the glasses is so minimal with such an awesome price difference I think I am going to order my next set from them. offers more than just prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses they offer fasion lensless or no perscription lenses. Right now for readers of this blog they are offering 2 promotions the first is a 50% off promo code GSHOT50 which you can apply to any regularly priced frame with free lenses.

The second promo they are running is called “First Pair of Glasses Free” here is how describes it

[W]hich means all the new customers can have a pair of free glasses except shipping and handling fee. There are both optical glasses and sunglasses available at the same time. Key word and link here:  first pair free.

So give check out and my video below. I show my original and the glasses. if you have used them in the past or have question please feel free to leave a quote and I will respond.