Estes Proto X

Estes Proto X

The Proto X is a fun little Quadcopter to fly. Easy to learn, stable and fairly robust.

Estes Proto X
Estes Proto X


The Proto X is a tiny little Quad. The body is about the size of a quarter and the props are about the size of dimes and it weighs about the same as.


Playing with the Proto X brings a new meaning to the word fun. It is small enough to be used in an office environment when there are other people nearby. Make sure that you are always flying in a safe location where you won’t hit anyone. The Proto X also has a lot of forward / backward speed so micro quad racing is going to be the lunch time norm in the office.


In my first flight with the Proto X I ran it into walls, ceilings, floor, cabinets, and even plants and it survived. The only issues that I ran into was the propeller getting forced against the motor causing it to bind up and not turn. That was fixed by simply pulling the propeller away from the motor.


The Proto X is a fun quad for indoor use. For it’s size the Proto X is very durable however it isn’t a toy for younger children. The simple frame and small price makes this a perfect gift for others or yourself.