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The Ergo Desktop is one of the premier, made in the USA, ergonomic desktop manufactures. I have been using the Kangaroo Elite by Ergo Desktop for about a week.


Recently I changed day jobs and my new employer has some really nice looking chairs, and while they look good they don’t sit well for me. Some of the particular features that attracted me to Ergo Desktop was the way the lift sat on top of the desk. With the Kangaroo Elite there are no holes, or clamps or knobs, it sits on felt pads on top of your desktop allowing you to fine tune and move your desk around as you see fit.


Setting up the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite was very simple, the main lift and cross beam were already assembled, I only had to install 3 bolts in the bottom plate with the included allen key. The wrench was included to install the work surface. I needed to get a philips head screwdriver in order to use the included monitor mounting hardware. Other than that everything I needed to set up the desktop was included in the box. Once the monitors were installed I started to adjust them. Unfortunately I had to remove the monitors so that I could adjust them on the horizontal. Once I had them positioned there wasn’t anything else that was needed to be done.

My Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite
My Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite

The bulk of setup took only 3o min but adjusting the monitors to be centered and where I wanted them took about as long. According to those I talked to they are working on a better system for adjusting the horizontal positioning of the monitors.


Using the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite is very simple. Loosening the knob directly above the work surface allows you to move the monitors and work surface to a height that is comfortable for you when standing. The monitors can be independently adjusted as well with a knob directly behind the monitors. I found that the range of motion was good for me and my desk at work. Included is a extra foot that helps prop up the work surface in the standing position. This greatly reduces the wobble and shake of the desk when you are typing or mousing.

In using the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Elite I find that I will often just leave it in the standing position for most of the day. I find myself to be in and out of my workstation area quite a bit. I believe I have found myself to be a lot more productive because I don’t have the opportunity to think about being lazy, since I am already standing I just go and do what I need to do. I do find that the wobble during periods of heavy periods of typing can be annoying but during general mousing and light typing it is negligible.

If you are interested in purchasing one I recommend going direct to the Ergo Desktop website. You could alternatively check out the Amazon seller.


  1. Made in the USA.
  2. Independent adjustment of the monitor and worksurface height.


  1. Fine tuning the position of the monitors takes a lot of time.
  2. Some wobble during heavy typing.