Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger

Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger,

The Aduro Power Up smart charger is a great home appliance for the family with many devices that need to be charged at the same time.

Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger,
Aduro PowerUP Smart Charger,


The Design of the Aduro Power Up smart charger is really nice. All of the ports are located across the front in a tower configuration. There is a vent on the top so you don’t want to block that from getting too hot. One thing that I wasn’t too fond of was the large blue LED on the front. As soon as I opened it up I felt that the charger was well built solid. There was no feeling of cheep to this charger. The look is kinda retro fused with modern.


I was able to charge my phone off of all six of the ports and they all worked well. The amount of charge current that was specked is what I was able to see on my phone.

Overall I think this will be one of my main chargers on my desk at work. The solid build, with the modern retro look will be a great accessory piece on my desk.