My name is Steve, I’m a Husband, Father of 3, and Electronics Geek, Coffee Drinker, aspiring family handyman and reviewer among other things.


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Steve of Five30Reviews

My Motivation:

I want to provide a better life for my children and my childrens children.

Being healthy, active, and present in the lives of my children is my top priority and I hope to help you become a better you to your children.
Being a good steward of the resources that we have been afforded will allow us to keep the earths natural beauty around for centuries to come. Together we can find ways of being more efficient.

My Family:

My family and  I live in south central Pennsylvania. My Lovely wife enjoys being a full time mommy to our 3 preschool children who we affectionately call Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3. She also enjoys reviewing, finding deals and coupons, dining out, and traveling. Our oldest son, Number 1, loves playing with Legos, hot wheels, puzzles, and reading books. Our daughter, Number 2, is a princess, She enjoys dressing up, dolls, puzzles, and reading books. Our youngest son, Number 3, enjoys playing with his toys and playing with his siblings. I am an electronics engineer, and enjoy spending time with my wife and children, electronics, coffee, aspiring family handyman, and helping people choose the best possible product for their situation.

Reasons for this review:

I started writing reviews because a review helped me pick a good usable product. But one issue I found with every review was they were always “Professional Reviews” fancy graphics, from reviewers that seem to only do reviews. Those reviews seemed almost fake. My goal is to provide an uncut real life usage review of quality products. So in my reviews you won’t find many pretty picture, or highly edited videos.

Amazon Reviews:

If you would like to see my reviews on Amazon, please check this link.  www.amazon.com/gp/profile/A371U9Q9H59NDN


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Contact Me:

If there’s anything you would like for me to review please email or contact me on the form below.


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