2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide:

So like most people around this time of year you are probably wondering what to get? Well, I have some great ideas for you. This is my ever growing list of items that I consider the best of the best!

For the Handyman:

Kraig tools and jigs:

Kraig makes a series of actually useful tools and jigs that make everyday projects that much simpler. First is the Rip Cut jig for handheld circular saws. I really like this jig as it enables me to make consistent parallel cuts. Check out my short overview review video below.


The next is the Kreg Jig. This is one of their first jigs that makes some really nice pocket holes to help you hide any and all screw holes. You can see my video first impressions review here.

For the Tech Savy:

Logitech WRT3200ACM:

This router has some of the best bandwidth out of the box. For those that like to tinker it’s fully customizable to add a truly custom functionality to the router. Check out my full review here and my video review below.

For the Kids:

K’Nex Wild Whiplash:

While there were some issues at the beginning it was a super fun toy to build and play with, then take down and build something new with! after you watch my review check out my son’s build.